made with recycled materials

MarcSimardartisan recycle


Welcome friends to my website. I use this platform as a portfolio so you can check out what I do from the comfort of your home, appartment, tent or wherever you are logged on. If you are interested in purchasing something or have any questions you can contact me directly by clicking any of the contact links throughout my site or with the contact tab on the right.


I am one of the lucky people who really loves what they do, and one of the best things about my work is that I get to make up the rules. When it come to making things, one way to kill the joy is to make the same thing over and over again. So one of my rules is that I want to keep things dynamic and maintain a true one of a kind feel to my work. Working with recycled  materials helps cause I'm aways getting different materials and off-cuts so I'm limited to the number of pieces I can make. The other is to have a growing amount of artwork that I etch into the leather. I don't have time to photograph everything I make so what you see here is a small example of what I spend my days doing.


Hope you enjoying checking it out.