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Welcome to my shop. I craft handmade leather, cotton and wood products from my small home studio in Lac Superieur, Quebec. We moved up here when my partner Risa was 8 months pregnant with our daughter May, and ever since we’ve been out here renovating this old house, trying to make beautiful things, and trying to build a life and community that’s in line with our dreams for her future.
My artisan journey started with a simple problem: yet another wallet was falling apart on me and I couldn’t find something that suited my needs. I was tired of big wallets and especially tired of buying something I just knew wasn't going to last. So I made one myself from so scrap leather I got at the thrift store.
Over the past 18 or so years I have set out to design products that are simple, work well, last forever and can be repaired. Nowadays I use only the finest natural materials and I'm always looking out to learn more, do better and provide my clients with a product we can both be happy with.

I design and hand make every single piece myself in my Lac Superieur, QC home workshop.

Please visit my materials page to learn about what I use and why.

Thank you for your support.

Marc Simard