About me


Since 2006 I have been hand making accessories for men and women from recycled and off-cut materials such as leather, fabric and wood in my Montreal workshop. I hand make every single item myself from start to finish and I'm proud to know I have made every cut and stitch. I believe it is better to buy one quality item that will last rather then many cheap items that quickly make their way to the landfill. One of the greatest pleasures is to see the look on the face of a customer who shows me a wallet or bag that they have been using for years.

Let's talk about it!

Quality: If a piece of work is going to last it has to be made right using the right materials. For example, my TRIM wallet is completely made of leather (no vinyl or cheap lining). The outer, pockets and linings are all 100% leather so they solid and age very well. I sew all my pieces on my trusty 1945 industrial Singer sewing machine and only use bonded nylon thread. It has great tensile and is very durable.

Functionality: We all have different needs when it comes to a wallet or a bag. I design all my work with simplicity in mind. It's my opinion that when things get too complicated their day to day use becomes cumbersome. Let's use my TRIM wallet again as an example. It is my opinion that a back pocket bi-fold wallet is to hold your cards and cash. So I have made it with four pockets for cards, two larger pockets for extra storage and larger cards, and a slip for cash. This keeps all in order and hopefully prevents a large bulky lump in your back pocket.

Sustainability: Leather is such a great product, it feels great, wears well and ages beautifully. I choose to use off-cut and recycled leather for all my work (except belts, here I use full skins of full grain vegetable tanned belting leather). I feel it is important to use materials that are still high quality yet are no longer needed for their original application. Let's look at my TRIM wallet again. For these I use off-cut leather form a shoe manufacturer in Taiwan for the outer and inner parts. I have been working with them for several years and am very happy with the quality of off-cut I get from them. For the thinner linings and pocket insides I use recycled leather from the garment industry. This provides a strong pocket that remains thin to keep down bulkiness. 

Design: I'm self taught and in the over tens years that I have been making I have refined my designs and techniques. I have worked hard to eliminate weak spots to increase the durability of my products as well as improve on designs to maximize functionality. For much of my smaller pieces I use my own artwork to give them a personal touch. Hey, let's look at my TRIM wallet again (it's my best seller and a very good example of my work). To give my TRIM a personal touch I laser etch my own art directly into the leather. I use motifs that interest me or have meaning to me. So if you get a wallet with a forest motif etched along the bottom it's because I LOVE forests. The laser etchings are there for good, as the patina of the leather forms the etching change but it will never go away.

If you have any questions please contact me!