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If you're like me, knowing about who made something, what it's made from and where those materials come from is better than not knowing. I love natural materials and for me leather, cotton and wood are the best ones. 

I only use leather tanned by Wickett & Craig at their Curwensville, PA tannery. It's a very high quality material and the company is trying to do things right.  Visit their website if you want to learn more. 

I also work with some beautiful organic waxed cotton from Halley Stevenson. Check it out their website to learn more. 

When it comes to hardware I try my best to use high quality materials like solid brass and to support local dealers here in North America, even if the products are made over seas. 


Both option produce a very high quality item. Hand sewing lends itself to more detailed knowledge of the product, it's like I somehow get "closer" to the item than with the machine. That being said, I've been using my machine for over 15 years and I love it and love stitching nice clean lines. In both cases seeing the stitches come together is one of my favourite parts about making.

By Hand: Hand-stitching takes more time, produces beautiful stitches and with the double threads of a classic saddle stitch it's like sewing it twice. I use only natural lined thread from Fils au Chinois, which is unparalleled in my opinion.

By Machine: I stitch on my beautiful and old industrial Singer from the early 40s using nylon thread. It's a work horse and produces great stitches.

Please don't hesitated to ask me anything. I like transparency and will try my best to answer any and all questions,