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If you are here looking for a Canadian made leather product than like me, the source of your goods and the materials they are made of means something to you. I love natural materials and for me leather is one of the best ones. It is beautiful to work with and even more beautiful to use. It is made from a renewable source and when cared for can last for a lifetime. 

In my opinion not all leathers are created equal. Leather that is tanned in North America has to follow strict environmental regulations to reduce the impact the tanneries have on the local environment. It is for this reason that I only use leather tanned by Wickett & Craig at their Curwensville, PA tannery. They are one of the last two vegetable tanneries in the United States. They only use hides from North American and all the water that leaves the tannery is treated at their in-house water treatment facility. Please visit their website to learn more.